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I’m Making a List and Checking it Twice

Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m a List Maker/Planner and I’ve been this way ever since I could write!

Seriously. I was the 10 year old that would make a “Daily Morning Schedule” at the beginning of each new school year. It’s alright, you’re allowed to laugh.

But hey, I was more organized than most adults!

FAST FOWARD 20 (cough) Years..

Next week, my little family is taking a road trip to Alabama to visit my Dad and Step-Mom for Halloween.   I’ve been in full on List Making Mode the last few days trying to get ahead of the game and the 12+hour drive…. with a 3 year old. BT Dubs- Prayers are welcomed and appreciated.


….while the list making was in full swing, I wondered how many other people need to plan/ write things out like me and if most people just fly by the seat of their pants, roll with the punches and throw things in the bag the morning of?!?! (Seriously, the thought of that makes me itch.. LOL).

We are all wired uniquely and have different ways of seeing through our day to day tasks and/or our short-term and long-term goals. I wholeheartedly believe that “list making” is not just for the well organized, obsessive compulsive or professional planners. It can be a HUGE benefit for everyone, in any walk of life.


5 Benefits of List Making

1.) Help You Remember To Not Forget:

This one is probably the most obvious benefit of list making. But I tell you, the unparalleled shock and panic that comes from randomly remembering that you forgot to do something FIVE days after it should have been done is never a good situation. Ever.

2.) Can Help Beat Procrastination:

Whether we admit it or not, we all have that thing that we procrastinate doing. Let’s face it, grocery shopping, oil changes, cleaning out the garage, or folding laundry, can be the suckiest parts of “adulting”. Sucky as they can be, they are super important and can easily be procrastinated when you are faced with a busier than normal week! But don’t worry, if you don’t get around to the task today, you can always put it on tomorrow’s list.. 😉

3.) For Sanity’s Sake:

I am a “Steady” personality and mostly introverted. This means that I process most things inwardly and sudden changes can throw me for a loop! I have found that making a list, no matter how big or small, can be somewhat therapeutic and a big stress relief when my brain feels overwhelmed.

Side Note: I find that actually writing out my lists as opposed to typing one in my notes app really aids the stress relief!

4.)  Can help you Focus:

Someone very close to me has battled with ADD/ADHD all of their life. Keeping their mind on the task at hand is hard enough, but when asked to multitask, it’s just almost too much for their brain to process. For them, writing out a daily task list helps them focus. It gives them a boost of confidence they need knowing that they are not forgetting anything and it also gives them a little nudge to complete the list by the end of the day.

5.) Tangible Accomplishment:

There is something SO rewarding about crossing off a task or goal that you have completed. It’s the visual and tangible confirmation that you’ve been kicking some serious task and goal butt and didn’t let the weight of it all crush you! One little check mark can help create a wave of momentum that will help you achieve your next task or goal! Take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back, and with confidence, move on to the next. YOU GOT THIS!


If you aren’t convinced that list making is AWESOME after reading this awesome list about lists.., and if you’re not running for a pen and paper to start your own, go back up to the top and give a little re-read. HA! 😉

All jokes aside, I really hope that this has shed a little light into the wonderful world of list making and I sincerely hope that it can help YOU in your day-to-day tasks and longer term goals!


Until next time,


Habakkuk 2:2- “.. Write the vision down and make it plain and clear”

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Fall 2018 Starter Kit


Are YOU ready for Fall?!?!?

Yes, I know…its not technically Fall yet, and here in Austin, TX, it won’t even feel like Fall until sometime around Halloween, but that doesn’t stop this Texas girl from loving ALL THINGS FALL!

With just a little over 2 weeks until the season changes, I know a lot of ladies are getting in the “Fall Spirit” and some just need a little inspiration!

I’ve created a “Fall Starter Kit”; a list of 10 Autumn Staples and Trends that I think can inspire ANYONE to get ready for the MAGIC that is Fall!




1.) Autumn Scented Candles and Melties 

(Photo from Pinterest)

If you live in the South like me, having some yummy, Autumn scents in your home can help create that “Fall Feeling” even if it doesn’t quite feel like it outside yet! Just a little “Pumpkin Spice” or “Falling Leaves” can really set a cozy, Autumn tone in your home!  I’ve tagged one here for you!



(Collage made from Pinterest photos)


…. and I am ok with that because I am OBSESSED!

From comfy sweaters to cozy socks, outerwear and accessories, these colors are definitely on trend this year!

Want the look? Follow the links below!

-Olive Utility Jacket: here.

-Navy Comfy Sweater: here.

-Mustard Scarf: here.

-Burgundy Thigh High Socks: here.


3.) The Back Pack Purse 

(Photo from Pinterest)

It’s no secret that the mid 90’s are resurfacing this year in the fashion world, and back pack purses are definitely making a come back! From small and trendy to big and practical,  there are PLENTY of options for everyone to rock a back pack purse this Fall! You can find one similar here.


4.) Fall Lifestyle Tees 

(Photo from JLeigh Lifestyle)

Who doesn’t love a good Lifestyle tee?! And what better way to express your love for Fall than to literally wear your feelings on your sleeve?! hehe 😉

You can style them as casual, cozy, or trendy as your personality desires! I may be a little biased because I am a Lifestyle tee Designer, but I can tell you that these babies have been trending the last few years and aren’t going anywhere! You can get this Lifestyle tee and others like it here.


5.) Ankle Booties 

(Photo from Pinterest)

Ankle Booties have been trending for some time now, so much so that they even started making them for Summertime with cute cutouts! The good news is, depending on the climate where you live, you CAN still wear those until your tootsies get too cold. You can style them with a cute Lifestyle tee or dress them up a fun blazer! Here are some cute ones!


6.) Fall Scent 

(Nordstrom Image)

Yes, I am one of those girls that like to have different perfumes for the different seasons of the year.. HA!

In the warmer months I like more light, fruity perfumes and body mists and I save the deep, richer scents for the colder months! This is particular perfume is my go to Fall scent and you can get it here!


7.) Cozy Blanket

(Photo from Pinterest)

Girl, get yourself a cozy blanket! There is just something about Fall that makes me want to curl up, drink a cup of coffee or tea, and watch a movie or read a book… or blog…. 😉 You can find one similar to this here.


8.) Fall Themed Mug

(JLeigh Lifestyle)

Now that you have your cozy blanket, make yourself a nice warm cup of coffee in your cute Fall Mug (maybe even add an extra dollop of whipped cream.. I promise I won’t tell…), and watch a movie with your bestie! You can get this mug and others like it here.


9.) Utility Jacket

(Photo from Pinterest)

Oh, the versatility of a Utility Jacket! They are the perfect chilly-to-cold transitional piece of outwear! You can find one similar here.


10.) Nail Polish

(Photo from Pinterest)

Numbered are the days of hot pink and sailboat nail art. It’s time to bust out ALL THE NEUTRALS! Now, don’t let that stop you from having some fun nail art that will give you the “Fall Feels”. 🙂



If you weren’t in the Fall mood before you read this, I bet you are now!! 🙂

Leave a comment below and let me know what’s your favorite Autumn staple or trend that was listed!


Have great weekend and Happy (almost) Fall, Y’all!

Love and Blessings,

Lauren O’Bannon

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